Hear My Message if your sick of not being able to Build a Down-Line?

Listen Up to My Message so You Can Finally Build a Down-Line!

Dear Future Superstar,

3 months ago I had completely given up on MLM. Truly, I lost my passion for it after the company we promoted caused complications one after another that seemed to never stop. I swore I’d never touch MLM again.

I was fed-up after years of bull and all the hoops & loops you have to jump through to get a decent check. I had played the MLM game long enough and after my husband and I built another large organization which should have produced 5 figures a month……till this day the results have been frustrating and painful to see even with a steady 4 figures coming in every month from it.

My husband chose to put his focus on promoting another company during those 3 months, but I did not promote. I just stood by and watched as he did a stellar job once again of recruiting and training… yet these people fell into the same stigmatism that many have…which is not being able to recruit anyone into their downline.

No matter how many people my husband gave away and how much he bent over backwards, it still did not curb the recruiting issue some promoters had who truly were dedicated and wanted to make their business work.

My husband and I did a lot of talking over the Holidays and we did some soul searching to choose what path will 2013 bring for us. My passion for MLM got reignited when my husband learned about one company which is revolutionizing the way we build MLM… and this time they actually got it right… no hype – no hoopla – and it’s so brain-dead easy to sponsor people that you’ll laugh… really.

EPX Body: The Easiest Network Marketing Business You’ll Ever Build

EPX Body is a new network marketing company founded last March of 2012 by Dan Putnam. Dan is a former (and highly successful) distributor who puts distributors first… and it actually shows.

Unlike so many MLM companies, EPX Body does not follow “traditional” practices like charging for the online marketing system, requiring customers to be on autoship to earn bonuses, using unfair policy to make it harder to succeed, or any of the other notorious things MLM is unfortunately known for.

It’s only $40 to join and $40/month to be fully active in EPX Body. The products are stellar and the compensation plan is lucrative and fair. While I’m not going to get into that in detail here… just know that EPX Body is MLM done the “right” way… and it’s very refreshing.

Also… they have a $10 co-op in which you can Gain Distributors right into your downline. Yes, you read that right.. these are not just leads, but actual signups, that for a mere $10 you can bring into your organization. I would bet you would be refreshed to learn more about this like I was too.



Silvia Shamus


Marc Shamus