Team Work

Team Work

It is true that team work makes the dream work. The collective efforts of many people stimulate an exponential production.

Team work creates more tangible results than what would be conjured by just one person alone. This is one of the magic benefits of having a group working on an idea.

Consider one person working on a project.  Let’s say they give 20 hours a week in effort. No matter how hard they work in those 20 hours, the person is bound by their own time limitations.

The only option the person may have to increase production is to also increase the number of hours they invest. So in this example they might expand from 20 hours to perhaps 40 hours.

Results could double as a result, yet there will come a point where a person would be counterproductive to put in too many hours. 75 hours in a week may cause mistakes and a tired individual.

Team work would resolve this time limitation that plagues one person. If there were a team if 25 people who each invested 20 hours a week, an astonishing 500 hours of productivity would be yielded.

Team work with its 500 hours in a week trumps a single person only being able to provide 20 to 40 hours all by themselves. It should be clear to see how much more can be accomplished via team work.

I encourage everyone to develop a  group to work on a project when possible, as the team work will enable considerably larger quantities of work done on the project in a much quicker period of time as well.

All the best,

Marc Shamus