I have had a passion for reading and writing since i first learned how to do so as a young boy.

Every chance I could, I would make the time to read things that interested me to fill my mind with more ideas and to keep myself entertained.

When I had inspirations, I would write them down to remember later on. As years passed by, that habit transformed into word processing.

Simultaneously, I would also record ideas originally on cassette tape, then digital recorders and of course nowadays on a digital app.

I have had so many incredible moments that have made a big difference in my comprehension of the world around me. This is a big impetus for me to pay it forward and share such ideas with others via my writing.

If I am able to bless others with thoughts and information that has been so wonderful to me, then it is all worth it.

Please check out my writing as perhaps there is something that is there which could have a positive impact on your own enrichment.

All the Best,

Marc Shamus Publications