Belief is the invisible force that we all use to keep us in motion performing appropriate habits as we hold on to individualized concepts we personally allege as truth.

I explain belief this way, since 10 people may all equally view the same circumstances of an idea, yet each person will choose to accept a varied belief.

This difference in belief is why their are conflicts sometimes among people. People inject much passion behind their philosophy and may even argue with others who do not see things the same way.

When people are able to have similar belief in a common idea, this is when massive synergy can take place. Think of a boy scout troop or a sports team as examples.

Even if the belief is only held by a single person, it is the conviction that human being has in the idea which makes it so meaningful. The person by their faith in the belief, gives it purpose.

I encourage everyone to get passionate about ideas that are important in their life. Build one purpose driven belief after the next on your pursuit for a fulfilled joyful life.

All the best,

Marc Shamus