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Emotional balance is when one has the ability to control themselves; thereby not allowing the highs and lows of life to make the person like a yo-yo emotionally.

Nobody likes to feel out of control, yet if we start to ride the emotional roller coaster, that is exactly what begins to occur. We go to extremes and end up driving everyone crazy, including ourselves.

Having emotional balance is the key to maximizing joy. It becomes easier to be a happy person when you do not feel overwhelmed by emotions that become too strong.

If one is letting other people disturb them to a point of getting upset, then they are going to go through much turbulence. One must decide to not let no one and nothing toy with our emotions.

We must be in charge of emotions if we want to ever achieve emotional balance.we will never find this serenity if we are always allowing everything around us to dictate what our emotional state is from moment to moment.

I encourage everyone to find emotional balance. Your life will be more enjoyable once you learn to stay away from the teater-tauter of emotions. You can do it.

All the best,

Marc Shamus