Having a game plan is both smart and necessary if a person is serious about reaching success. This is the critical difference between those that know how they will succeed and those that just randomly try anything to see what works.

If we do not have a game plan, the chances of attaining our goals become less likely. When we fail to plan, then we also have planned to fail. Planning is the operative key which ensures that we will have guidelines to follow on our journey.

game plan is not a guarantee of success, similar to how a road map does not guarantee you will reach a destination on the map. One must apply effort and have the right vehicle to get them to the desired location.

If a person chooses a skateboard as their vehicle and their destination was 200 miles away, there us a low chance most people would finish reaching their destination. Of course, a car, truck, bus or plane would be a smarter choice.

Even once a person has an executed game plan, they will still need to regularly evaluate progress and make necessary adjustments. Some elements being implemented may work perfectly while others may need modification or switching to get the right flow.

I encourage everyone to develop a strong game plan so you may reach the goals that are important in your lives. We all get further ahead by setting up our strategy and even closer to our desired goals by actively working that plan.


All the best,

Marc Shamus