The law of attraction is the force that pulls things to us that we greatly seek in life. We magnetize these possibilities into our reality. It is our way of sculpting the life we want by purpose driven intention.

When we use the law of attraction, the universe opens up to us and similar to a store when we have the money to buy something; what we seek becomes a real option once we tell the universe it is what we want.

The law of attraction is neither a boundless pass to abuse getting more than we deserve or to use some ninja trick to cause harm to other people. However, it is available for us to live the very best life we possibly can.

Enacting daily use of the law of attraction will ensure that one will organize the proper thoughts and behaviors that predicate receiving the wishes of living a good life.

Once a person lives their life with the law of attraction implanted into the blueprint of how they live their life, seeming miracles will start presenting themselves upon this individual on a regular basis.

I encourage everyone to use the law of attraction to bring the elements you seek into your lives. Your lives will be enriched as a result; as desperation, lack, envy, luck consciousness and misery leave your life.

All the best,

Marc Shamus