Leadership is the active quality of a person who is willing to look after the needs of a certain community.

Leaders are special individuals who have developed refined skills in many areas including communication, visionmotivationbelief and team work.

Leadership is not something everyone chooses as it takes the willingness to take on a deeper commitment within an organization and carry increased responsibilities.

Everyone has the capacity to cultivate leadership skills and be incredible leaders, yet only a small percentage of folks really rise to the occasion to make this happen.

It is far too easy for people to coast through life just doing the bare minimum and maintaining the status quo. This is a comfortable place to be and requires little personal growth.

Conversely, being in the role of leadership takes guts as one must get accustomed with being uncomfortable and in front of the crowd. They become a major go to person and face of the group they lead.

I encourage people to be bold and step into a position of leadership when possible. Even if it is a small group of a handful of people, the experience will define you as a person others can turn to for help.

All the best,

Marc Shamus