If one wants to start reaching any worthwhile level of success in their life, they must gain enough momentum to propel them.

If we think about momentum in terms of a plane taking off on the runway, then that will help us visual picture what is necessary.

A limited burst of activity or energy will never provide the momentum needed to soar. It will only get us started in the right direction.

Just as a plane’s propeller and engines and wings need to gain substantial acceleration while working in unison to create the lift, so shall we as we prepare to fly in our own life ambitions.

Only once the propelling force provided is powerful enough to surpass the resistance force will flight take place; thus proper momentum can be established.

Although this leads to another conversation, sustaining the momentum so you can continue to soar is important for allowing long term success.

Choose to develop enough momentum for your ambitions so you may see these incredible dreams come to fruition and become a reality for you.

All the best,

Marc Shamus