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If one wants to start reaching any worthwhile level of success in their life, they must gain enough momentum to propel them. If we think about momentum in terms of a plane taking off on the runway, then that will help us visual picture what is necessary. A limited burst of activity or energy will never provide the momentum needed to Read more about Momentum[…]

Spirit of a Warrior

It is the spirit of a warrior which determines that the resulting future is a success or failure for them. If the spirit is a “can-do” attitude, then the person will experience the heights of personal victories as they move forward towards a positive timeline and proves themselves as an indomitable warrior. If the spirit is a Read more about Spirit of a Warrior[…]


An attitude of gratitude is the heartbeat of a love driven consciousness. Life through the lens of gratitude is an experience where the world does not only revolve around that individual. Ego driven consciousness creates a paradigm whereby an individual feel that they can do as they wish without establishing any feelings attached to the consequences of their actions. Read more about Gratitude[…]


Leadership is the active quality of a person who is willing to look after the needs of a certain community. Leaders are special individuals who have developed refined skills in many areas including communication, vision, motivation, belief and team work. Leadership is not something everyone chooses as it takes the willingness to take on a deeper commitment within an organization and carry Read more about Leadership[…]

Activated Heart

Activated heart is a state of being whereby a person is operating out of their heart chakra and has genuine concern about the well being of others. While a person is enabled with an activated heart, it becomes increasingly challenging to consciously cause harm to others or let a personally caused wrong go uncorrected. Healers, non-profit volunteers Read more about Activated Heart[…]

Student of Life

Student of life is the goal that all of us  should all be aiming for. Life is all about having as many varied experiences as possible. When we have challenges or make mistakes, we should choose to become better as a result. Personal improvement is what being a student of life is all about. Based upon the principle Read more about Student of Life[…]


Respect is a behavior that involves how you treat other people as well as how you treat yourself. When the treatment is perceived as good, the experience is a happy one. Some people are very poorly skilled at managing how they give out respect. In fact, most people would most likely interpret the person as being disrespectful. Read more about Respect[…]

Learning from Failure

Learning from failure is a habit that highly successful people do. They know that repeating the same mistakes again in the future with equally lead to further failure and waste time, money and other precious resources. Learning from failure is not difficult to do, yet it does take self discipline as well as the willingness to accept Read more about Learning from Failure[…]

Laser Focus

Working as an individual is super for laser focus and results in incredible tangible production. It also avoids the potential interruptions when others are involved. However, increased quantitative and qualitative results may occur when we mastermind with others and work together as a group. More effort applied via laser focus will create more results. Either way, having laser focus makes a Read more about Laser Focus[…]

Positive Mental Attitude

able, belief, can do, demeanor, poise, positive mental attitude, positive person, solution oriented, use the force, Positive mental attitude is the ideal mindset we should strive to exist with every day. It keeps us feeling great and it will rub off good vibes on all the people we meet throughout our day. When we repel having Read more about Positive Mental Attitude[…]