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End Game

End game is not something you think about far down the line. It should be critically planned out when you are just beginning to do something. End game is sometimes referred to as an exit strategy. It is the finishing move which enables you to cash out your interest in a project. It can also be the Read more about End Game[…]


Mastermind groups are an incredible way to leverage the wisdom of many talented individuals. Exponential results occur due to the amount of synergy and brain power collaborating together. Having a mastermind session can stimulate so many useful ideas. The brainstorm which is the byproduct of the meeting should be written down and/or stored in a digital place for Read more about Mastermind[…]

Emotional Balance

Emotional balance is when one has the ability to control themselves; thereby not allowing the highs and lows of life to make the person like a yo-yo emotionally. Nobody likes to feel out of control, yet if we start to ride the emotional roller coaster, that is exactly what begins to occur. We go to extremes Read more about Emotional Balance[…]

Support Network

A support network is a group of like minded people who we can reach out to for help when we need it. They “get” where we come from since they have things in common with us. A Support network sometimes can consist of random people that we know, who actually may not even know one another. They are people Read more about Support Network[…]