Patience is a virtue and an important habit to have. Many of the mistakes we make in life stem from rushing quickly from one thing to the next. We will also miss many of life’s treasures being in such a hurry.

No 2,000 piece puzzle set was ever correctly put together in 5 minutes without patience. The same goes for all else we pursue in this life. Some things just take time to develop no matter how bad we want them to be finished already.

Relationships are a really super example if this too. People should not rush into business or personal relationships before knowing that there is enough chemistry and compatibility. Patience aids us in getting to know the person better first.

Patience saves us time and money both now and later. It saves us from pain during the relationship and especially if the relationship does not end so well. It is very costly to get divorced these days and need to pay alimony and child support.

No matter what we are looking to achieve in our life, having the ability to use patience will greatly increase our life skills; thus allowing for success circumstances to form with more certainty.

I encourage everyone to have patience. It is a wise person who holds this behavior in their arsenal. Life is much more tolerable, especially when we have the talent to minimize or slow frustrations we get due to life elements not happening the speed we prefer it would.


All the best,

Marc Shamus