It is the spirit of a warrior which determines that the resulting future is a success or failure for them.

If the spirit is a “can-do” attitude, then the person will experience the heights of personal victories as they move forward towards a positive timeline and proves themselves as an indomitable warrior.

If the spirit is a “can’t-do” attitude, then the person will experience the lows of personal defeat as they digress backwards towards a negative timeline; thus proving themselves to be fearful cowards.

In both possible outcomes, it is the spirit of the warrior that influences how the flow of life proceeds.

The question one must ask themselves is if the mindset they have coupled with their active choices will lead them to the life they desire from their heart.

Weak minded people never develop the spirit of a warrior. It does not take much effort, nor much will power to just give up at the slightest hint of opposition.

It is the strength of the warrior being tested when challenges arise. It takes courage to keep going onward, in spite of anything that gets in your way when one is pursuing success.

Choose wisely to be the warrior and not the coward. The spirit of a warrior is widely respected by other people who know the difficulty of overcoming adversities to have life victories.


All the best,

Marc Shamus