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Respect is a behavior that involves how you treat other people as well as how you treat yourself. When the treatment is perceived as good, the experience is a happy one.

Some people are very poorly skilled at managing how they give out respect. In fact, most people would most likely interpret the person as being disrespectful.

Increasing awareness of respect and what it takes to accomplish it can go a long way to ensure that more people have better interpersonal relationships.

Respect is not just something we should feel entitled to receive only. It is imperative that we should give it as well whenever possible.

Think how you want to be treated and then treat others in that same positive manner. Respect is a mutual reciprocal symbiotic behavior that creates goodwill.

Respect starts from a person choosing to be the nicest possible with both self treatment and when they interact with with others. It continues perpetually by keeping a positive mental attitude no matter what happens in life.

I encourage everyone to have respect for all things including yourself. You deserve to be happy and so do all the people you will ever come into contact with.

All the best,

Marc Shamus