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Support Network

Support Network

support network is a group of like minded people who we can reach out to for help when we need it. They “get” where we come from since they have things in common with us.

A Support network sometimes can consist of random people that we know, who actually may not even know one another. They are people we trust and count on.

The beauty of a support network is that it can work bi-directional. Thereby, there will be times you may need the help and other times that they may request you be the person to help them.

It dies not make a person weak to have a support network. We are all human and at moments need to have somebody else listen to ideas we have or to assist us to work through emotional overload.

No matter what the root cause of our need for assistance, our support network is always there for us. It is best to have many people to rely upon for the support so we don’t overwhelm one person or get stuck when that individual us busy and can’ help us.

I encourage everyone to have a support network. It will assist us to stay positive and keep pursuing a valuable purpose driven life in spite of any hardships we experience.

All the best,

Marc Shamus