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Learning from Failure

Learning from Failure

Learning from failure is a habit that highly successful people do. They know that repeating the same mistakes again in the future with equally lead to further failure and waste time, money and other precious resources.

Learning from failure is not difficult to do, yet it does take self discipline as well as the willingness to accept that there is a better choice to make when faced with similar circumstances in the future.

There may be some folks who are hesitant toward and resistant to learning from failure. These people will doom themselves to keep repeating the same painful mistakes time after time again.

Learning from failure is the natural progression of maturing with age. Part of becoming older is acquiring wisdom, which many times may come as the consequence of pain and/or failure.

Once we start consistently learning from failure, life does seem to be more under our control. This is the advantageous place for us to be since it enables more happiness and life becomes less stressful.

I encourage everyone to adopt the wise habit of learning from failure. Make it a regular part of all you do. Grow healthier, wealthier and wiser as you proceed onward with your life.

All the best,

Marc Shamus