Vision is the blueprint of what you are looking to manifest via investing your time, money and other resources into.

Without vision, people have no greater purpose and lose focus rather quick. How does a team work together in harmony if all have different ideas what a project is all about.

After all, if one is without a map of what they are pursuing, it us easy to forget why one originally got excited about the idea.

Vision includes all of the key “big picture” broad strokes and helps everyone swiftly define what makes an idea so desirable to stand firm behind it with support.

Small details which assist with creating the project are important with implementation, yet are not directly communicated as part of the main vision.

People could get overwhelmed and confused with the essence of the project if too many details were expressed to explain the vision of the idea.

I encourage everyone to create vibrant, clear and strong vision statements for whatever ideas you want to work on. Dream worthy results may happen when one does this.

All the best,

Marc Shamus