Marc Shamus

International Business Connoisseur 

Pursuing excellence while helping to make the earth a better place is what drives me. I believe in a brighter future, where the challenges of today’s world can disappear; thus being replaced by a happier more enjoyable life for all people. There is an urgency to create this new world now, of which I am excited to be a big instrumental agent of good changes.

Vision, Issues, & Values

The path to a better planet starts with each of us doing our share to pay it forward. We must be willing to offer our talents, resources and time to make this world the kind of place future humanity will be proud of. 

I dreamed of being a pillar of hope for others who could not and being the bridge for those who are also actively working toward worthwhile projects. 

I love pursuing for profit enterprise as well as humanitarian causes. Each have their own challenges and gratification from being directly involved in a financial capacity to make a significant impact possible.


Path Setter. Innovations make human life experience less stressful, conserves resources, increases efficiency and decreases risk exposure. Investing into our future is a win for legacy and human potential.

Solution Maker. Some of the most needed projects have gaps in financing, intellectual property, leadership and number of likeminded allies to help propel their projects vision into full reality. 

Resource Multiplier. Wealth creation happens when careful preparation and unencumbered financial resources meet with legitimate sound opportunity. Applied due diligence, communication and strong rapport may lead the way to a profitable circumstance for all parties involved. 

The Ethical Entrepreneurship Our World Needs Right Now

About Marc

Leading from the heart, I strive for cultivating long term meaningful outcomes. Developing strategic symbiotic partnerships, pursuing purpose driven projects while utilizing precision execution make for a winning formula.

I stand with integrity to do the right things to make a positive difference in all aspects of the process. People matter and so does the energy we lead with. My intentions are always in the right place, so it makes it easier to  deliver on my promises.


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