90 Day Blitz








In Network Marketing, Leaders who rise to the top of compensation plans will run several 90 day blitzes. These are all out effort to connect, introduce, follow up, get started, train and support new prospects into their business as affiliates, while also adding customers too. 

During this particular 90 day blitz, I am in the biggest launch of my 28 year MLM career. Those who choose to lock arms with me and engage in building this business have the chance to see some incredible team building, support and business growth. 

*While I make no guarantees of your personal success, I have helped out thousands of people like yourself over the past 3 decades to create worthwhile residual income from part time and full time efforts. Some have gone on to make thousands of dollars every month. 

War of Attrition

In MLM, it is natural that you will lose some customers and affiliates from your organization. It is not if, but when and how much it happens. There are actions you can take as a Network Marketing Professional to reduce the amount of attrition. If you are doing the...